BMW E46 Diagnostic Software

The BMW E46 is still a very popular car and for good reason, it`s a great looking and driving car! As time goes by, you will certainly need a diagnostic software solution in order to keep costs to a minimum and avoid the stealership.

Your best choice is to use BMW INPA:

  • This is the best diagnostic software that doesn`t require a high end laptop or extensive installation. It will enable you to diagnose and clear errors and the best thing is that the same package contains also NCS EXPERT which is used for coding. You will be able to also enable and disable mods on your car.

Software Location:

We have put together a great coding pack which you can download here.

The guy is selling the full software with SP Daten already installed and the installation is a breaze. Check out the instructions below. We recommend buying from him because you will also benefit from support, he is always almost instantly answering our coding and diagnostic related questions.

How to install the diagnostic software:

The package is very simple to install if you use the above recommended package. All you need to do is this:

  1. Copy the three folders to your C:\ drive (INPA, EDIABAS and NCS EXPERT)
  2. Add the path to C:\Ediabas\Bin to the Windows System Enviroment Variables
  3. Plug in your laptop the USB side of your K+DCAN Cable and open Windows Device Manager
  4. Enter advanced port properties and set the latency to 1ms and the port to COM1

That`s all, now you have a perfect installation of BMW Diagnostic Software with all SP Daten already installed.

Common mistakes when installing the software:

  • Always copy it to the C:\ drive else it won`t work
  • Always remember to change the port setting to COM1 and latency to 1ms
  • If you don`t get the two black dots for Battery and Ignition check your cable`s connection to the car (it might be faulty or not intended for your car)

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