Navigation Update Maps & Codes

Keeping your maps up to date is great but the dealership costs are very high so we offer you an alternative.

We offer the latest maps and navigation codes for CIC and NBT units:

These are the latest maps at the moment:

  • North America Premium 2017-1
  • North America NEXT 2017-1
  • North America MOVE 2017-1
  • East & West Europe Premium 2017-1
  • Europe MOVE 2017-1
  • Europe MOTION 2016-2
  • Europe NEXT 2017-1

Get in touch with us and order your map and activation code for just $25!

You will receive the map, instructions and activation code shortly after your order is confirmed. Payment are received by PayPal.

To see which map you need follow this procedure:

  • Press on the NAV button on your iDrive Controller, then press on the OPTION button and scroll down to the last item in the menu called Navigation System Version and you will see the required map.

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