F80 M3 Disable Active Sound Design by Coding

There are lots of BMW owners that don`t like the Active Sound Design feature implemented on the M3, M4 and M5. While some like it, it surely is something fake and nothing compares to listening to the real engine sound while driving. The good news is that it can be disabled by coding.

If you don`t know what coding is and how to start, read our getting started article. Although the article is dedicated to F30 coding, it is the same for all F series cars regarding the software and hardware needed.

Let`s get started:

  1. Open up Esys and select as target F020 without DIRECT
  2. Read FA, right click and Activate FA
  3. Read ECU (the modules list will show up)
  4. Select the ASD module, right click and select “Read coding data”
  5. Then select theĀ  CAFD file, right click and select “Edit FDL”
  6. Search for the following value and modify it accordingly:
  • 3000 Model Range and set to: F021

7. Save the CAFD and click on the Back arrow.

8. With the CAFD file selected, click on “Code FDL” on the right side of the screen and wait for the magic to happen.

If the process finished without errors you are done, you`ve just disabled the Active Sound Design! Enjoy!

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