Esys Showing Dots Instead of Descriptions

Is Esys showing dots instead of descriptions or function names when you`re trying to code your car?

This may happen for several reasons:

  • You are not using Esys Launcher, instead you clicked on the old Esys icon on your desktop. After installing the Esys Launcher you can even erase the old icon from the desktop to prevent that from happening.
  • Your token is not properly installed or using an invalid token file.
  • The software pack you are using is outdated because things move fast in the BMW world.

All of this is happening because the latest Psdzdata is trimmed by BMW and the only way to get back the descriptions is to use a token solution that injects them back into the software memory.

Solution: Check out the latest esys and psdzdata complete pack for all F series cars on our dedicated section Coding Packs. We are dedicated to teaching people how to code their cars and the software is perfect for all chassis plus you will get lifetime updates once there is newer Psdzdata os SP Data available. We think it`s worth every penny plus it`s dirt cheap if you value your car and want to make sure you have quality software (the pack also contains cheat sheets for all F series including the F30). You will also have our free support and free remote installation.

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  1. Rajendra says:

    Can you help on remotely to install fem (used or purchased from breaker yard)
    Thanking you

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