BMW F30/80 Disable USA Sidemarkers on LED and Xenon

On cars manufactured for the USA, the sidemarkers (amber lights) are set to be always on giving them a different look than the european versions but not everybody likes that feature. Many want it disabled so in this article we will show you how to do it. There are 2 different ways of doing it because there are 2 different kind of headlights. The Xenon version and the LED ones.

The differences between the 2 headlight types:

  • For Xenon Headlights:

F30 Xenon Headlights

These headlights use a halogen bulb as sidemarkers which can be disabled by coding the FEM_BODY module.

  • Procedure:
  1. Connect to Esys and select target type as F020 without DIRECT
  2. Read FA ->  Right click “Activate FA”
  3. Read ECU to show the modules list
  4. Click on the FEM_BODY folder like icon, right click and select “Read Coding Data”
  5. Select the CAFD, right click and “Edit FDL”
Coding Values for Xenon



  • For LED Headlights:

Coding for this type of headlights is more complicated and requires the modification of some werte values in another module. We recommend to get it done by a professional coder because changing the wrong werte values might overload the module or bulb.

Use the contact form if you would like this mod done by us remotely.


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