INPA and NCS Expert Best Version Error

Best Version Error


Have you ever had this anoying error pop up and had no ideea what`s wrong?

No worries, it just tells you that the current SP Daten files that you have installed are too old and need updating or are corrupted. We recommend installing a pack that already has all the latest EDIABAS, INPA and NCS EXPERT versions and the SP Daten installed so you can have a worry free experience.

You have 2 possibilities:

  1. Update your SP Daten files – a long a tricky process and the daten files are huge (30GB) but only some folders inside the archives are needed.
  2. Purchase a ready made and updated package that you just have to copy/paste to your C:\ drive.

You can probably find a working software online free but most are are not put together by people who really know what they`re doing so you could have further problems and for what`s worth we thing that any BMW is worth the $15 which is the cost of the pack including the latest data files.

For info on where you can purchase the pack see our article


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