BMW Coding – DIY for E Series and F Series

BMW Coding Explained:

What is coding? – the process of editing values in the ECU files so that we can enable or disable features on the car, activate retrofits and programming used modules.

By coding your car you can save a lot of money instead of going to the dealership and the software can also be used for diagnostics.

This will be an in-depth article containing everything you need to get started programming your BMW as soon as possible.

You will need:

The Hardware:

  • For E series:

K+DCAN Coding Cable – You can easily find cables on eBay and Amazon but you must be careful wen choosing a cable depending on your car model and build year. All cables work perfectly on E series cars up to 03/2007, but for newer cars you must always read the description to make sure it will work for your car.

Recommended cables:

For cars up to 03/2007

For cars up to 2013

  • For F series:


You can choose any ENET cable, don`t mind the price, they`re all the same quality, the cables don`t have chips inside like the K+DCAN cable which has a FTDI chip in order to work, the ENET is basicly an ethernet cable with an OBD2 part that connects to the car.


The Software:

The most important part after the hardware is of course the software that allows you to connect to your BMW in order to perform diagnostics and coding. There are many packs that can be found online but we found most to be either incomplete, either have outdated data files (or malware installed with the software). We `ve put together complete coding packs for E series and also F series cars.

You can get the software here:

What you will receive is this (depending on the pack you purchase):

  • Full pack for E series cars (The basic pack + the latest sp data files) = Latest BMW Standard tools (EDIABAS, INPA and NCS EXPERT) that need no installing, they are already configured, you just need to copy the 3 folders in your C:\ drive + the data files are already installed + tutorials + the cheat sheet for E series.
  • Full pack for F series cars (The basic pack + the latest Esys and Psdzdata) = Latest Esys (the NCS EXPERT for F series) + Data files + Tutorials + Cheat Sheets for all F series BMW`s

You can also contact us if you need remote coding or installation and we will help you for a small fee.

How to use the software:

  • For E series cars, read the tutorial on how to use NCS EXPERT to code your car.
  • For F series cars, head over to and you will have all the information needed

For Diagnostics:

You can use INPA that comes with the E series and F series pack or you can use ISTAD which is the dealership diagnostics software and has the advantage that it`s in full english, while INPA has only the main menus in English, all the inner important ones are in German.


You can get ISTAD from us for free by purchasing any of our coding packs. Just send us an email and we will send it to you.

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