BMW ISTA D Native Download

ISTA D is the dealership BMW software for diagnostics which allows you to diagnose and troubleshoot any problems and it also includes schematics and step by step procedures, making the old TIS program obsolete and also INPA and DIS (the old diagnostic softwares). Now it is a all-in-one solution for everything BMW related issues.


You will be able to:
  • diagnose all BMW related problems
  • code new or used injectors
  • code new and replaced battery
  • reset gear box adaptations
  • increase idle
  • diagnose missfires
  • …..and much more, everything the dealership can do

You just need a BMW K+DCAN coding cable for E series cars (make sure it has a switch so it will work with all E series BMWs) and a ENET Cable for F series and G series cars(any ENET cable will be perfect).

The ISTAD Native package can be ordered below and after the order is completed you will instantly receive the download link and installation instructions (Any Windows version will work, Mac users can also install it but you will need to run Windows in Parallels or BootCamp):

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For any questions or issues don’t hesitate to contact us using the Contact page and also check out our dedicated coding packs page.